Our Products


Spice Blends

We provide an extensive range of tasty spice blends for any dish and every occasion including all your favourites such as BBQ Spice, Chicken Spice, Fish Spice, Paprika Powder and Breyani Mix Powder. They are easy to use and add delicious flavour to your cooking.

Soup Powders

Our soup powders are not only delicious but really quick and easy to prepare. They can also be added to dishes for extra flavour and to make tasty gravy. We offer a wide range of flavours including Beef Soup, Chicken Soup, Meaty Vegetable Soup and Oxtail Soup.


Our stock powders will help add depth and flavour to your cooking and are so easy to use. Our flavours include Beef Stock and Chicken Stock and will be a delicious foundation to any dish.


Curry Powders

We provide an extensive range of flavour filled curry powders that are quick and easy to use and cater to all tastes. Choose from our Mild Curry, Medium Curry, Hot Curry and of course everybody’s favourite, Curry Supreme.


Our range of condiments will enhance the flavour of all of your dishes and will complement your cooking at every meal.


Use our range of herbs including Garlic, Mixed Herbs and Parsley to add fresh flavour to your cooking.


We provide an extensive range of tasty seasoning’s to add flavour to every meal including all your favourites such as Spice-O-Seasoning, Spice-O-Chilli and Steak and Chop Seasoning. We also provide Meat Tenderiser and MSG.


Our Instant Porridge is quick and easy to prepare and tastes delicious. Simply add water or milk and enjoy a nutritious and convenient meal in the morning or any time of the day.